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Reduce critical training time + skills development with Augmented Reality

Foursight creates effective end-to-end AR-based training and I.P. capture for manufacturing and in-field businesses.

How Foursight helps businesses accelerate in-field training

Apple iPad being held in hands with instructional content on the screen.

Bringing relevant, in-field training content to your workforce - wherever they need to be.

Three key things cost on-site maintenance companies the most in lost time and profits: Extensive training programs, on-site delays due to inadequate resources / information and retraining when new products or services are launched.

Augmented instructional overlay of car engine with part numbers and next steps indicated.

Augmented Reality is today's Business Reality

Picture your teams, out on the field, with the information they need, driven from the secure Cloud - information coming step-by-step in an intuitive, hyper-contextual, visual format that is easy to understand and follow - for any skill level.

Google Glass type augmented reality headset being used on factory floor and with content referenced

Foursight helps you future-proof your business

As this technology continues to proliferate, we recognize the needs for connect the right technology with the right partners, to help them leap-frog their competitors and lead in their industry. We would love to talk about how we can connect your business to the right Augmented Technology to drive greater up-time and profitability for your business.

Foursight Business Services

Consulting + Planning

Team brainstorming on strategic business solutions for clients / with clients

We match your unique business needs with the most effective augmented platforms and infrastructure solutions.

Design + Development

interface designer working at his desk on his computer, working on a design layout

Through agile processes, we focus on quarterly launch phases that allows you to maintain the speed of your business.

Enterprise-wide Integration

Microsoft Hololens being held in hand

From curating your training content,

to platform integration and adoption across offices - we are there every step.

Augmented Reality Business News

AR Platform News


Microsoft announced Dynamics 365 Guides, a software suite the company calls a "mixed reality training" tool that's available for business customers. (HoloLens2)


AR Collaboration News


"We  offer industrial enterprises a new way to use AR to leverage the tribal knowledge of subject matter experts (SMEs) and help alleviate the skills gap crisis..." 


AR Hardware News


Founded in 1997, Vuzix has been developing virtual reality products ever since then and began trading their shares on NASDAQ after an IPO in 2010.


Team Foursight

Cameron Wykes CEO of Foursight Studios working at his desk (or playing Candy Crush...)

Cameron Wykes, Founder / Investor

A successful agency founder (3x) and strategic communications veteran, Cam has leveraged his passion for technology and knowledge for building successful businesses, into an Augmented Training practice that understanding true business challenges, and how to apply the right technology platform to fuel exceptional business results. Cam's team of business planners, designers and developers all work to provide the most intuitive and powerful platform to meet your business needs - now and in the future.

Please reach out -  cam@foursight.studio